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甜蜜的生活「La Dolce Vita」— 丁力澳門個展 Ding Li's Solo Exhibition

    Humarish Club 與「沒頂畫廊」攜手呈獻







我們不應該忽略丁力攝影教師的身分。丁力的繪畫作品正是棲息於商業攝影的美學空間,往往形式簡潔,主體突出,對主題、物件傾向於採取成熟的風格化的處理方式。 在他的作品中,單人或多人的半身肖像,以及近年來的風景都是經常出現的主題。




2024年4月19日 - 2024年5月17日
12:00 - 20:00


Humarish club 藝術空間
(澳門葡京人L01樓H853 Fun Factory 娛樂廠 R68舖)

  Humarish Club Jointly with MadeIn Gallery


「La Dolce Vita」

Ding Li's first solo exhibition in Macau, featuring the artist’s specifically created new paintings.

The title of the show utterly projects Ding Li's consistent warm and humorous attitude towards art and life, paying homage to the world and its people, while good-naturedly jollying.

About Ding Li

 The objects depicted in Ding Li's abstract paintings originate from ordinary people and landscapes, yet they render a rich emotionality and poetic texture, an outcome of the artist's reconfiguration of the images and media that surround us.

We should not overlook Ding Li's identity as a professor of photography. It is in the aesthetic space of commercial photography that Ding Li's paintings inhabit, often with concise forms and prominent subjects, taking a mature stylized approach to their subjects and objects. Bust portraits of single or multiple people, as well as landscapes depicted in recent years, dominate the artist's practice as recurring motifs.

Therefore, Ding Li's work is situated between painting and image-making and must face the subsequent effects of this constant tension. He reminds us of the constructed nature of the image while leaving open the possibility of unexpected results. His paintings attract the viewer's attention not only because of the pleasure aroused by viewing the bright colors and curved lines, but also because of the uncertain messages and emotions conveyed within.

Opening Ceremony and Conference

19th April 2024

Exhibition Period

19th April - 17th May 2024
12:00 - 20:00


Humarish Club
( Lisboeta Macau H853 Fun Factory Shop R68, R82-83 )